Results you can see

The cost of your scalp micropigmentation procedure will range from $1100 to $3800+. Prices are, of course, dependent on severity of hair loss. So, get your hairline design free at your consultation.

Benefits of SMP

  • Safe treatment
  • Long lasting solution
  • Rebuild confidence
  • Restore hairlines
  • Conceal scars
  • Free consultations
  • Immediate results

Step One

Costs 1

Free Consultation
Hairline Mockup
30 minutes

Step Two

Costs 2

Create Hairline
1st Fill & Texture
3-4 Hours

Step Three

Costs 3

Second Fill
Improve Density & Texture
2-4 Hours

The Benefits Of Follicle Replication Treatment

Costs 4

Look Good. Feel Good.

How good would it feel to have a full head of hair again? You will look good and feel fantastic. Restore your hair and NEVER FEEL BALD AGAIN.

Costs 5

Safe & Long Lasting.

No more rogaine or propecia. No more baseball hats. FRT is a noninvasive procedure. It is a natural-looking, permanent solution for hair loss. Fix your hair loss or alopecia once and for all!

Costs 6

Feel Like Yourself Again.

When you feel confident about your hair, it shows. You deserve to get your confidence back. With FRT, you get more than a new head of hair. You get a new YOU.

Costs 7

The TAILORED MICRO Customer Guarantee

In short, like a well-tailored suit, your hairline should fit you perfectly. To this end, we stand by our work 100%. Similarly, Tailored Micro Ink provides a satisfaction guarantee against unforeseen fading and/or lightening of color. Lastly, you can find the full description of our guarantee’s terms and conditions in your client agreement.

– Steven Little, President, Tailored Micro Ink, LLC