Dying your hair is a great way to combat greys or even change your appearance. However, sometimes dying your hair can do more damage to your strands and follicles than good. Because of the chemicals and types of hair dye that are available, and without a professional handling the service, it’s very easy to damage your hair follicles inducing hair loss. While there are newer dyes being designed to help hair rather than damage it, there is still some risk of hair loss when dyeing your hair over and over again.

  • Types of Hair Dye:
    • A permanent hair dye is one that’s going to last the longest with very little color coming off. When you need a touch up it’ll mainly be to touch up the roots as they grow out.
    • A semi-permanent dye won’t last nearly as long as the permanent. You’ll find a lot of the crazier colors as a semi-permanent because of how the color is developed in the dye.
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    • A temporary dye is only meant to stay in your hair for a day or two or until you’ve washed your hair next. It’s the least damaging of the three because it’s not meant to penetrate the hair follicle.
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  • Preventing Hair Growth: To get the hair dye in the follicles, chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are used. When these chemicals are used frequently it can severely damage your hair. This is why you shouldn’t dye your hair multiple times in one week, let alone one day. It will weaken the hair follicle which could cause hair damage and breakage.
  • Having An Allergic Reaction: Because of the chemicals in the dyes, it’s very common to have or develop an allergy to it. Your scalp will end up becoming very itchy. This can loosen the hair follicles and cause them to fall out prematurely, or you may end up loosening them when you scratch your head. Scratching your head can lead to an irritated scalp, as well.
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  • How To Avoid Damage? The obvious would be to leave your hair it’s natural color. The best way to avoid damage is to use good quality dye or go to a salon you trust to get the best hair dye. Avoid bleaching your hair as much as possible, it will only weaken your hair and make it susceptible to more damage. Use nourishing shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair and invest in a good deep conditioner to give you hair that much more help.
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