Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP treatment)? Let the experts from Tailored Micro Ink answer some of the most frequently asked questions about follicle replication treatment. Click on the questions below to see the answers. Once you’ve learned a bit more about the process, feel free to contact us with any other questions or to schedule your SMP treatment appointment!

Who should get follicle replication treatment?
FRT is for men and women who have thinning, uneven, or receding hairlines as well as individuals who have alopecia, bald spots, or scars that they would like to coverup or camouflage.
Does it look real?
Yes, impressively so! We use the highest-quality organic, natural-looking pigments and match both the color and density to your unique hair and skin profile. The result is a 3D effect that looks just like a fully buzzed head of hair.
Is the treatment painful?
The majority of people find follicle replication to be painless, though everyone’s pain tolerance is different. You may feel some discomfort though some clients have even fallen asleep during their treatment.
How does follicle replication treatment compare to other Hair loss treatments (I.E. Propecia, hair implants, etc.)?
FRT is a safe alternative to drugs such as Rogaine and Propecia, as these are topical drugs ingested for long periods of time with the potential for negative side effects. Compared to FRT, topical treatments are costly and time-consuming when used on a regular basis. Hair transplants can be very painful and can cost between $9,000 to $14,000 depending on the provider. Unlike Rogaine and hair transplants, FRT is an outpatient procedure with immediate results. You can still opt to receive a hair transplant after receiving FRT, though most clients are happy with the results and opt not to receive other hair loss treatment options.
How many treatments should I expect? what is the recovery process? Will I need to take off work?
Depending on the severity of your hair loss, you can expect to receive between 2-4 treatment sessions over a month-long span. We recommend a minimum of 2 treatments to receive optimal results and density. The recovery process is extremely fast, with some redness or swelling lasting a 2-3 days on average. No need to take off work or school.
Is it reversible?
Yes. Since SMP treatment only enters the dermal layer of the skin, it is easily lasered off if one would choose to do so. Or you could let it naturally fade overtime and not elect to do maintenance.
How do I choose a Hairline?
This is something you can discuss with your SMP technician who will recommend the best option for your facial structure and desired result. We believe your hairline should fit like a well-tailored suit, and we always draw your hairline on your scalp prior to the procedure to make sure you’re comfortable with the design.
How do I get started?

It all starts with a phone call or an in-person consultation. Feel free to email me some pictures and I’ll be able to give you an idea of how much the procedure will cost as well as the treatment timeline. After we book your consultation, we can begin the first session as soon as the very same day!