Scar treatments

Scalp scarring is a subject that most don’t like to discuss. In fact, the scars left behind from previous hair transplant treatments or injury are extremely visible, and may leave you feeling less confident about your appearance. That’s why scalp micropigmentation treatments might be the next step for you to feel and look great again.

Concealment of Scars

Our specialists use treatments that are similar to tattooing so that we are able to conceal your scalp scars making them less visible, or completely invisible to everyone around you.

Minimal Risks

SMP treatments for your scars is a completely safe, alternative method to hair transplants. The procedures are done quickly, and with little interruption to your daily life. Also, the results are immediately noticeable.

Best for Scars Six Months or Older

It’s best to get SMP treatments for scars that are at least six months old. The follicle replication pigment take best to skin that isn’t that newly grown.

Aftercare Tips

Follow the same aftercare tips for scar SMP that is recommended for anyone who gets the treatments. Refrain from washing your scalp for at least seven days, and continue to moisturize and cleanse accordingly for the best results.
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