Identifying hair loss signs

The idea of losing your hair can be a little unsettling. Why would you be losing your hair? Is it hereditary, an allergic reaction, a hormone imbalance, or something medical that is cause for concern? Whatever the cause, it is definitely something that affects you both mentally and physically. Here are a few early hair loss signs:


It may be subtle, but the beginning of hair loss is that it feels thinner. Ever hear of a receding hairline? This is the beginning stages of hair loss, as it works its way front to back. For women, it may start more at the very top of the head.

Bald Spots

Another way balding presents itself is in circular or patchy bald spots. It mainly affects the scalp which can be itchy, or even painful at times, as the hair begins to fall out. Sometimes both beards and eyebrows can be affected by hair loss.

Loosening Hair

If you’ve experienced emotional or physical shock, it may take a toll on your hair. This can cause hair to fall out at the slightest touch or tug.

Hair Loss All Over

Medical conditions or medical treatments can result in the entire body losing hair, not just the head. More intense treatments, such as chemotherapy, can cause overall hair loss, however your hair may grow back once you’ve finished your procedure. Depending on the severity of the treatment, or the illness, the hair might not grow back the same.

A Few Known Causes of Hair Loss

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