After treatments

Scalp Micropigmentation treatments can give you a natural look for up to 8 years without needing any touch-ups. With the right aftercare procedure, you can ensure your investment will last longer and look as perfect as the day it was done. Follow our guideline for aftercare to preserve the look of your SMP treatment.

The First Three Days

It is extremely important to let your scalp heal after treatments. This means that you should not wash or touch your scalp, for the first three days. Also, it is very likely scabs may form. We cannot stress enough that you do not pick the scabs and let them heal naturally. Try to refrain from any activities that may cause you to sweat as this may damage the pigmentation on your scalp.

Cleaning Your Scalp After Treatment

On the fourth day after your treatment, you can take a light shower, washing your scalp with water. Then, on the seventh day after treatment you can begin washing your scalp with a specialized cleanser to keep your head clean. You may also use an exfoliating cleanser to remove any dead skin.

Long-Term Care

Moisturizing your scalp, at least once a day, is important in keeping your SMP treatment looking its best. You should also avoid UV rays, intense sweating, and scalp damage for the first 30 days after treatment. Remember to never use an alcohol based product to clean your head.
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