Permanent solution for Alopecia

Scalp micropigmentation remains the ONLY guaranteed permanent solution for alopecia sufferers. There are very little known facts about alopecia in general other than it’s more common in men than in women and is predominantly hereditary and dominant in certain ethnological groups. Classic alopecia would fall under the banner of pattern baldness, which is certainly the most familiar, if not the most common cause. Yet hair loss is definitely not exclusive to pattern baldness. Ranging from Alopecia Areata, also known as patch baldness, through to Alopecia Totalis which is when there’s complete scalp hair loss. It goes without saying, no matter the type of Alopecia, it can, and often does, have a chronic and devastating impact on the sufferer.
Learning to live with the symptoms can, understandably and without doubt, have a deep-rooted psychological impact on the sufferer. It can be overwhelming and have substantial consequences on the persons mental well being. However, albeit no cure has been found for alopecia to date, there are certainly reformative aesthetic measures in existence which will alleviate the feeling of devastation.

An alternative to Scalp Micropigmentation for the purposes of concealing alopecia is a hair system. However, this option can be a costly and maintenance heavy experience for the end user. A hairpiece requires specialist hairdressers for maintenance and upkeep and the initial and ongoing outlay is decidedly costly – often running into thousands.

One of those measures has to be Scalp Micropigmentation. Hugely successful amongst men and women, particularly suffering from pattern baldness, it can also be extremely effective for those suffering from Alopecia Areata or even those suffering from Alopecia Totalis. Working as a concealer, tiny dots are permanently tattooed at epidermis level, onto the scalp, using natural pigments. The end result is concealment of uneven patches to bring them in-line with the remaining hair or, in the case of alopecia totalis, to give the patient a shaven head look.
Alopecia is a challenge for men and women from all walks of life and the world over. Living with the effects can be not only distressing but also have a long term impact on a sufferers confidence and mental well being. We are aware of these difficult challenges and embrace them with compassion and understanding. If you would like to discuss Scalp Micropigmentation further then contact us and our professionals will be available to listen and advise.