Scalp Micropigmentation for men

Follicle Replication Treatment (“FRT”), also known as Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP, is a method of depositing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin on the scalp, replicating the look of natural hair follicles.

Scalp micropigmentation for men gives you the appearance of a full head of recently buzzed hair. From pale complexion to dark skin tones, the hair follicles are perfectly color matched to your natural skin tone, hair density, and hair color to ensure your new head of hair looks natural whether viewed up close or from far away.

Scalp micropigmentation is also an ideal solution for women, or for men who wish to keep their hair at a longer length. The process works by reducing the contrast between the hair and skin, making the hair appear thicker and fuller.

SMP Treatment

SMP Treatment is a non-invasive, long-lasting, and cost-effective alternative to other hair loss solutions like Rogaine, Propecia, or hair transplants. You will see results with our SMP Treatments last from 5-8 years with limited to zero pain or recovery-time after treatment, so you can easily go back to work or school without hassle.

This procedure is also used to conceal hair transplant scars and the visible symptoms of alopecia.

Tailored Micro’s clients can expect the highest level of care, detail, and respect during their treatment. We only use the highest-quality, organic pigments to ensure a lasting and natural result. Don’t forget to check out our before and after photographs to see our work in action. We believe every man and woman should leave our office with a restored sense of confidence and happiness with their new head of hair, which is why we guarantee our work for 12 months after treatment.