Goodbye to thinning hair

Thousands of women around the world are using scalp micropigmentation techniques to conceal thinning hair and alopecia.

Pattern hair loss – often referred to as androgenetic alopecia – is not only a common condition but also a devastating one. Yet there’s a popular, if the somewhat misinformed concept, that it only takes it’s hold on the male population. Female pattern balding, if it occurs, usually happens to women after their menopause yet it’s can, and does, affect much younger women also. Hair thinning in females can be extremely distressing for those who suffer from it. Your hair is your crowning glory, it makes a woman feel beautiful and feminine so it goes without saying that if it begins to thin and it’s noticeable – it’s going to be traumatic.
Hair loss in the female community has a habit of being a gradual condition. It can appear to be thinner and shed, sometimes dramatically, moreover at the crown and top zone of the scalp. Thinning can also stop and start and on occasions, appearing more pronounced at certain times than others. And unfortunately, it’s often a permanent condition.

There are certain treatments and solutions available for female pattern baldness such as Minoxidil, which is prescribed by a medical professional. Yet it only works if the hair loss hasn’t progressed to the stage whereby it’s becoming very noticeable and it also needs to be applied on a daily basis – for life. An alternative is the use of a hairpiece. Yet this is an expensive addition to a woman’s wardrobe and requires regular cleaning and maintenance by a professional. Of course, hair transplants are another option, but again, not only is it costly, like Minoxidil, there’s no guarantee of success which can lead to additional psychological stress and strain.
Increasingly, women are opting for scalp micropigmentation for women to overcome the trauma of hair thinning. SMP is a process whereby natural pigments are effectively tattooed onto the scalp at the dermal level in a series of tiny dots. They are worked into the scalp underneath the existing hair and the end result is the illusion of density – or to put it into simple terms, offering the appearance of a fuller and thicker head of hair. After an assessment, a sufferer of female baldness will undergo a series of two to three treatments that will be spaced over a period of around three to four weeks. The process is not only rapid but also pain-free, yet a patient may experience an element of discomfort particularly in the zones that are more sensitive such as around the temples.

At our clinics, we understand and have a deep compassion for the intricacies and ramifications of female hair loss. When we are contacted by a female client we have a comprehension of the psychological impact they will be suffering. For this reason, we are discreet and take our time to assess the individual’s requirements. Should you be suffering from the traumatic and devastating effects of female baldness don’t hesitate to contact us and make an appointment to discuss your individual needs.