Benafits of SMP

If you’re experiencing hair loss, or you’re already at a point where baldness has set in, you’ve most likely looked into solutions to reverse the process. While the term “hair transplant” has probably crossed your mind, it’s not necessarily the best method to go with. A scalp micropigmentation procedure offers a similar look, and has guaranteed immediate results. Here are just a few reasons why we stand behind SMP and think you should consider it!


SMP procedures are a more cost-effective way to give yourself the look you deserve, without taking out a loan from the bank. Hair transplant can very easily cost between $12,000 to $15,000 without blinking an eye. SMP will only cost about a third of the price, roughly $1,000 to $3,000.


A hair transplant is an actual surgery. Existing hair from one part of your scalp is transplanted to another part of your scalp. It’s a much longer process than SMP and the healing process is both painful and lengthy. When you receive an SMP treatment, micro-needles are used with a medical-grade pigment. You’re free to resume most of your regular activities that day.
This picture shows the complicated process of a hair transplant.

Exact Replication

SMP is a way to replicate your existing hairline, and provide you results that are long-lasting.

Immediate Results

The great thing about SMP is that fact that you get to see immediate results with your new hairstyle. There’s no chance of your pigment falling like there is with a hair transplant. With the exception of a touch-up now and then SMP will last a lifetime. The average time between touch-ups is 5-8 years but some people can wait 10-15 years for a touch up when they complete the 2-4 treatments in the beginning.

Steven Little, Owner

SMP vs Hair Transplant 1
SMP vs Hair Transplant 2