Pros of Micropigmentation

We all want to look and feel our best. However, if you suffer from hair loss, you might not feel as confident. While hair transplants are a great way to gain back the look of your hair, they can be both costly and leave scars. Scalp Micropigmentation is a great, non-surgical alternative that is not only long-lasting, but provides immediate results so you will never feel bald again. Check out why SMP is the superior choice when it comes to hair loss solutions.

Little to No Downtime

Seeing as SMP is a form of follicle replication, there is minimal or no downtime after you receive treatment. You can resume most of your normal activities almost immediately.

No Scars

Hair transplants can leave you with a scar where the follicles were removed. SMP is a great way to not only eliminate scarring, but also to cover up any previous transplant scars that you may have.

Hairline Restoration

Receiving scalp micropigmentation can reproduce the look of a natural occuring hairline, as well as conceal any previous look of hair loss.

SMP Replicates a Natural Look

Because SMP is a follicle replication treatment, specialists match your natural hair color to the pigment used for your treatments. This provides a natural look to your complexion.

Immediate, Long-Lasting Results

After one treatment you will see an immediate change in the way you look. Also, SMP treatments can last for 5-8 years without needing any touch-ups.
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