Session Break down

You’ve had your initial consultation, and booked your appointment, now the nervousness sets in as to what to expect during your first scalp micropigmentation session. That’s why we’re here to help you to understand what to expect. It’s important to remember that for the full effect, it will take a couple of sessions to get the exact results you’re looking for. Here are a few things to expect when you come in for your appointment.

You Have It, We Map It

Once you’ve picked your hairline, we will use a white makeup pencil or some wax to draw out the location for your procedure. The beauty of this method is it can be taken off easily and the line can be redrawn. Feel free to use your older pictures as a reference too!

The Right Colors

Once your hairline is at the right place, it’s time to determine the correct pigment color. We will match the pigment to your current hair color so it blends in evenly, eliminating any awkward discoloring. If you have any scars on your head you can choose to have them covered-up, or we can make the treatment more realistic by working around them. In this step, the technician will determine the density the pigmentation will need to be.

Getting Into Position

Get yourself comfortable as you will either be sitting upright or you’ll be in a massage chair depending on the area we are focusing on. From start to finish, the session will take about 2 to 4 hours. The majority of the time will be the main treatment itself, and it depends on how much needs to be done. SMP doesn’t hurt despite the procedure taking place on your head, though there may be some discomfort. The overall discomfort level subsides in roughly ten minutes. This session is typically to create the main hairline. The next session or two will allow us to fill-in the scalp a little more for a darker effect.

Regular Breaks

Both you and the technician will take regular breaks during your sessions. Most of the time it’s half an hour, but that’ll be something to discuss with your technician. This will help to not only stay focused, but it allows for stretching, bathroom breaks, and whatever else.

In Between Your Sessions

While there won’t be much pain, if any at all, from the sessions, your head will be red. Each session will be about a week or so apart to allow the scalp enough time to heal, and to let the pigmentation to settle into its new role. Hair Loss Alternative

Steven Little, Owner

What to Expect At Your Scalp Micropigmentation Sessions 1
What to Expect At Your Scalp Micropigmentation Sessions 2